Monday, May 25, 2020 - 18:02

The PHN Group and Fabryka Obrabiarek do Drewna have signed a conditional agreement and preliminary agreements for the purchase of a complex of plots of land, consisting of three areas located close to the center of Bydgoszcz. Polski Holding Nieruchomości is planning to use the purchased land with a total area of over 4 hectares to implement investment projects, under which over 600 apartments will be built.

The purchase of the right of perpetual usufruct of land at ul. Nakielska 53 in the Wilczak district is the implementation of a cooperation agreement signed between PHN and Fabryka Obrabiarek do Drewna last year. The companies have started the activities aimed at developing and making the best use of the property located in Bydgoszcz and the surrounding area. The value of the transaction regarding the majority of the purchased property (two out of three parts) with a total area of 3.9 ha amounted to PLN 17.5 million net.

Zbigniew Gryglas and Tomasz Szczegielniak, Deputy Ministers at the Ministry of State Assets who supervise the entities that are parties to the agreements, were both present at the signing of the agreements.

“We are very happy to sign these contracts. I believe that the projects that will be implemented on this land by Polski Holding Nieruchomości will restore them to the residents of Bydgoszcz. This is a proof that Treasury’s stake companies are able to cooperate, and in their undertakings take into account not only business outcomes, but also the welfare of local communities,” said Tomasz Szczegielniak, Deputy Minister at the Ministry of State Assets.

“Bydgoszcz will be the next regional city in which we have our properties. The purchase of land located in a very attractive part of the city, with good access to urban infrastructure and in the proximity of green areas, perfectly fits into our development strategy in the largest regional cities of Poland. Positive effects will be felt by the residents, because the development of areas near the city center will provide a stimulus for further development of Bydgoszcz,” said Marcin Mazurek, President of the Management Board of Polski Holding Nieruchomości.

The project carried out by PHN will also be a continuation of positive changes in the surroundings of Bydgoszcz city center related to supplementing the housing structure and revitalizing post-industrial areas. Land purchased by PHN is mostly undeveloped. Old factories are located on the area near the Nakielska street.

“For FOD, it is a new opening of historic importance. We have been uninterruptedly manufacturing wood-working machinery for 155 years. Carl Blumwe, the founder of the company, decided that the best location would be the areas situated in the Wilczak district by the Bydgoszcz Canal — an important transit route of goods between western and eastern Europe. We decided to apply his logic. Our future, modern headquarters will be located in a commune near Bydgoszcz, next to the S-5 express road connecting the Tri-City ports with western Europe. We will enrich the metropolitan area of Bydgoszcz. I was born in Bydgoszcz, and I am very happy that my city has gained a solid investor who will implement a very important, pro-development project benefiting the residents of Bydgoszcz,” said Andrzej Walkowiak, President of the Management Board of Fabryka Obrabiarek do Drewna.

Polski Holding Nieruchomości Group

The Polski Holding Nieruchomości Group is the leading managing investor in the commercial property market in Poland. It is one of the largest companies in the sector in terms of the market value of its portfolio, which includes ca. 140 properties and nearly 700 ha of land across the country (e.g. in Warsaw, Poznań, Wrocław and the Tri-City). PHN has long experience in both real estate management and construction project implementation. The Company has been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange since February 2013.




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